South Wales Interpreters and Translators

A Trainee Sign Language Interpreter (TSLI) is one that has shown competent language skills at an extended level (Level 6). They will also be undertaking an approved development plan or approved interpreting training course that will enable them to register as a Registred Sign Language Interpreter upon successful completion. They must have undertaken some interpreter training or have sufficient interpreting experience to be aware of developing professional competence boundaries. To see the current requirements to become a TSLI, please click here to be navigated to the NRCPD's website. A TSLI will carry a blue badge to all assignments.

A Trainee Interpreter is subject to the same complaints procedure as a Registered Sign Language Interpreter (complaints procedure can be found here) and follow the same Code of Conduct and National Occupational Standards.

Trainee Sign Language Interpreters may not have the relevant experience to work in certain domains and may not be suitable for certain assignments e.g. Police, Courts and other legal work, Child Protection, Mental Health, more complicated health appointments etc.

A TSLI  working as part of a team or co-working with another interpreter, should always be accompanied by a Registered Sign Language Interpreter.

All information has been given by individual interpreters and the website owners take no responsibility for the validity of such. It is recommended that you check the status of each interpreter by visiting the NRCPD's website which can be found at www.nrcpd.org.uk.

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